Smoking continues to plummet in the US

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The downfall of increasing tobacco tax

In a statement that contrasts the above data Vincent Willmore, vice president for communication at the Center for Tobacco Free Kids, said, "Raising the tobacco tax is probably the single most effective way to reduce smoking, especially among kids". Although everyone agrees that tobacco cigarettes should be heavily taxed, in order to deter new smokers from picking up the habit, and encourage current smokers to stop, there is one problem with this tax.

Vaping products, which are known to be effective smoking cessation devics and at least 95% safer than traditional tobacco products, are put under the same umbrella as their combustible counterparts, therefore whatever tax tobacco cigarettes are subjected to, so are e-cigarettes. Californian voters have just approved a $2 a pack tax on Election Day, and whilst proposals for increased taxes on tobacco are popping up all over the US, such tax increases did not pass in Colorado and North Dakota

The danger of classifying e-cigs as cigarettes

The CDC linked smoking to 40 percent of all cancer cases, and 30 percent of deaths caused by cancer. The government insists that it is working to reduce smoking rates to 12 percent of the adult population by the year 2020, and some of the ways it aims to achieve this are through implementing more regulations and higher taxes.

The UK has acknowledged the fact that the decrease in smoking is directly linked to the rise in vaping, and has since endorsed the products.

Many health experts such as Dr. Siegel and Dr. Farsalinos have been painstakingly pointing out, that if these regulations include vaping products, no one is doing Public Health any favours. The UK has acknowledged the fact that the decrease of smoking is linked to the rise in vaping and has therefore endorsed e-cigarettes as an effective smoking cessation tool, and the sooner the US and Canada follows suit, the sooner this current health epidemic can start being reversed.

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