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Vanilla 10ml

Strong, sweet and savory.

Pineapple 10ml

Vape a fresh glass of pineapple juice. Hawaii's famous fruit. Very tart and snappy.

Peach 10ml

Tangy sweet and juicy. Minus the fuzz.

Mango 10ml

Fresh and ripe tasting.

Apple 10ml

Crisp and juicy Granny Smith.

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Watermelon 10ml
Child proof Cap, bottleShelf life : 24 months, Natural flavoring essence
Vanilla Mint 10ml

Strong, sweet and savory with a cool mint essence.

Tutti Frutti 10ml

A distinct taste of multiple tropical fruits.

Sweet Cream 10ml

The "Cool" before the "Whip".

Strawberry 10ml

Vape your favorite jam.

Spearmint 10ml

Sweet with a cool, fresh after taste.

Raspberry 10ml

Nice flavor like freshly picked raspberries. No seeds...

Peppermint 10ml

Natural and minty fresh. Slightly sweet, serious throat hit.

Pear 10ml

Tasty, refreshing and sweet.

Orange 10ml

Sweet Valencia Orange

Mint 10ml

Icy, cool and refreshing.

Litchi 10ml

A Sweet Asian delight.

Lemon 10ml

Eye blinking sourness. Sweet exhale.

Kiwi 10ml

Tangy and tart Aussie treat.

Coconut 10ml

A sweet tropical feel.

Clove 10ml

Earthy, spicy and slightly sweet.

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