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Apple 10ml

Crisp and juicy Granny Smith.

Mango 10ml

Fresh and ripe tasting.

Peach 10ml

Tangy sweet and juicy. Minus the fuzz.

Pineapple 10ml

Vape a fresh glass of pineapple juice. Hawaii's famous fruit. Very tart and snappy.

Vanilla 10ml

Strong, sweet and savory.

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Banana 10ml

Sweet and ripe.

Blueberry 10ml

A little sweet, a little sour, these blueberries got the power.

Caramel 10ml

A smooth, golden, delight. Slightly salty.

Cheesecake 10ml

Sweet cream cheese and graham.

Cherry 10ml

A deep sweet syrup taste.

Chocolate 10ml

A smooth, creamy, velvety, cocoa flavor.

Chocolate Mint 10ml

Rich chocolate and a nice hint o mint.

Cinnamon 10ml

That sweet and warm taste. Slightly sweet.

Clove 10ml

Earthy, spicy and slightly sweet.

Coconut 10ml

A sweet tropical feel.

Fruit Punch 10ml

A juicy, fruity taste mix.

Grape 10ml

That sweet taste from the vineyard.

Kiwi 10ml

Tangy and tart Aussie treat.

Lemon 10ml

Eye blinking sourness. Sweet exhale.

Litchi 10ml

A Sweet Asian delight.

Mint 10ml

Icy, cool and refreshing.

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